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Will Hydrojetting Work To Clear Out Tree Roots?

Beautiful large trees in your yard can create plumbing problems if their roots infiltrate your plumbing. While this can cause severe issues with clogs and pipe leaks, hydro jetting can provide an effective solution to clearing pipe blockages. Here we look at how to identify tree root infiltration, and whether hydro-jetting is a good solution for your tree root issues.

Signs That Tree Roots Are Affecting Your Plumbing

If you experience frequent drain clogs that seem especially hard to clear out, odd sounds from the toilet, slow-moving drains, or drains that overflow, these can all be signs of tree roots in your plumbing lines. If you leave these roots to keep growing, eventually, they can fill the pipe. The waste you flush down the toilet can get caught in these roots and create larger masses. Eventually, there could be a total block in your pipes and drains.

These problems can be prevented with thoughtful planning before planting, but once these issues start, it means the tree roots are already there. At this point, a reactive approach will be needed to remove the roots, so that the problem does not continue to worsen, as it could eventually completely block or rupture your plumbing.

Solving Tree Root Issues

The first thing your plumber will want to do if a tree rot invasion is a camera inspection. This involves inserting a particular camera down the sewer line and seeing what is there. You may also have to excavate the area to assess the pipe damage and tree root growth. This will help you make the best plan for dealing with the situation.

There are multiple ways to remove invasive tree roots from plumbing. One method is with a mechanical auger that is put down the sewer line to cut the roots. This can clear the roots currently in the line, out of the line. However, in time, the roots will grow back. So, this is not a good long-term solution. You will most likely have to repeat the process later, once those roots become invasive again.

Another option is to use chemicals that will kill the root structure and alter the soil around the pipe. This will kill off tree roots in that area and prevent the roots from growing back into the pipe. Another comprehensive and ideal solution that combines removal and chemical prevention is hydro jetting.

How Hydrojetting Helps Remove Tree Roots

Hydrojetting uses a hose, a particular nozzle, and a pump to force strong blasts of water through the plumbing lines. This high-pressure water can indeed remove tree roots from pipes, flushing them away without the need for excavation. The water breaks down the tree roots, pushing them out of the line. After the hydro jetting is completed, chemicals can also be put through the line, to kill off any remaining roots. One benefit of this approach is that it does push the tree roots out of the line. Further, this combined approach is much more thorough given that it removes the roots and prevents them from growing back.

When To Choose Hydrojetting

Hydrojetting is an ideal solution for clearing tree roots from your drains. It is thorough and environmentally safe. However, it is a task that requires specialized equipment and professional training. Additionally, because of the force of the water, the pipes do need to be inspected first to determine if this solution will be safe and effective.

Talk to your advanced plumber about a thorough camera inspection and hydro-jetting tree root removal if you suspect tree roots are affecting your plumbing.