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Why Proactive Plumbing Maintenance is Important for your Home

Keeping your plumbing maintained means you avoid much of the stress and difficulty of dealing with plumbing disasters when things go wrong. Proactive plumbing and rooter service means you not only prevent problems, but you get the best performance from your plumbing, reducing utility costs and improving comfort in your home. Here we look at how to maintain your plumbing proactively to avoid plumbing disasters and get the best system performance.


Proactively addressing plumbing problems by having your plumbing system inspected and repaired regularly means you save money over the long term. Preventative plumbing can catch problems like blocked and burst pipes, tree root invasions, leaks, and damage early, saving you money on more significant repairs.

While sewer repairs, repiping and flooding can cost you hundreds or even thousands in emergency repair, preventive repair and maintenance of these issues represent only a fraction of that figure.

Reduces Stress

There’s not much worse than a plumbing disaster unleashing itself on your home. You may be faced with no hot water, sewage backup, leaks and flooding that leave you with permanent damage to home structures. Addressing these suddenly arising issues can cause undue distress and panic as you try to cope with the physical impact and the financial cost. Maintaining your plumbing and rooter proactively helps to avoid this stress.

Increases Plumbing Efficiency

Well maintained plumbing runs more smoothly and efficiently than old, clogged and worn plumbing. Even small leaks and blockages can decrease the flow rate through your pipes and prevent appliances and outlets from running efficiently. Advanced Plumbing inspections can help to identify and clear even minor issues to optimize the function of your system.

Reduces Utility Costs

Small leaks, dripping faucets, and inefficient water heaters all add up to additional utility costs over time. Drop by drop; a leaking faucet can add up to 8,500 gallons of extra water consumption to your household every year. Upgrading your water heater can save up to 50% on your water heating energy usage, depending on the type of your water heater replacement. Keeping your plumbing proactively maintained conserves resources and saves on your utility bills.

Protects Your Health

By preventing sewage back up and sewage odors entering your home, proactive plumbing maintenance protects your health as well. Sewage backups contain harmful bacteria that should not come into contact with you or your home. Even gases from sewage odors can be detrimental to health. Preventing these major plumbing problems keeps your home and your family safe.

Improves Comfort

Water pressure in your shower too low? Hot water not hot enough? Regular proactive plumbing maintenance can take care of these annoying little plumbing issues for a more comfortable accommodating home.

Maintains Home Value

A well-cared-for plumbing system contributes to the overall value of your home. Plumbing inspections and records of previous plumbing work done will be looked at if you plan to sell your home, so maintaining value through plumbing maintenance is essential.

If you want to maintain the safety, efficiency, and value of your plumbing system, talk to your local plumber today about proactive plumbing maintenance for your home.