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Why Dont Professional Plumbing Services Recommend Chemical Drain Cleaners1

Why Don’t Professional Plumbing Services Recommend Chemical Drain Cleaners?

When there’s a clogged drain at home, the first thing most homeowners do is reach for the chemical drain cleaner. Found sitting on the shelves of big box stores and grocery stores, liquid drain cleaners seem like a quick and easy solution to clear that pesky clog.

But here’s a tip from a professional plumber: don’t fall for it.

Instead of using a store-bought chemical for your drain, it’s actually wiser to just schedule plumbing services from a trusted company. In this article, we will tell you why.


Drain cleaners are typically sold in foam, crystal, powder, and liquid forms but they all work the same way. The substance is applied to a clogged drain and it reacts with the obstruction. This reaction then generates gas and heat, which tries to dissolve the clog and clear up your pipes.

Household drain cleaners are made up of strong chemicals like bleach, caustic potash, lye, or peroxide. They have high levels of toxicity, making them hazardous and possibly even fatal if swallowed or inhaled. If the chemical comes into contact with the skin, it can also cause serious burns.

How Chemical Drain Cleaners Lead to Plumbing Damage

Why Dont Professional Plumbing Services Recommend Chemical Drain CleanersChemical drain cleaners can harm the human body and they can cause serious damage to your pipes as well. These chemicals are obviously not smart–it’s not possible for them to find the difference between the debris and the entire plumbing system. That’s why they simply eat away at every material they come into contact with.

Expect the plumbing damage to be worse if the chemical fails to clear the obstruction, because that means it’ll still be sitting in your pipes. The longer it stays there, the higher the chances of it causing more damage.

Older pipes, as well as those made of PVC, are more susceptible to drain cleaner damage. However, take note that no plumbing system is ever safe from the impact of powerful toxic substances. If you use too much product, you might find yourself facing costly plumbing services. You might be required to have your pipes repaired or even replaced.

Better Methods to Handle Clogs

Instead of using strong chemicals, there are many alternatives that you can do to save your clogged drains. Try using a plunger if you want to get rid of a clog quickly. If that does not work, you can use an auger or sewer snake that can be purchased from any store that offers plumbing supplies. You can also rent “pipe snakes” from your big box home depot or local hardware store.

Another way to clear up drain clogs is by using simple home remedies. For example, you can try pouring a half cup of baking soda and a half cup of vinegar down the drain. Block the sink and let it sit for a minimum of 30 minutes before pouring hot water to the clog.

If your DIY attempts do not work, schedule plumbing services from your trusted professional. Allowing an expert to handle your clogged drain will save you time and money in the long run.

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