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What Situations Is Hydro-jetting Needed?

Hydrojetting is an innovative, powerful and natural way to clear out drain and pipes, removing blockages, clogs and bacteria. Hydro-jetting can produce impressive results that boost the efficiency of your plumbing system and reduce your plumbing maintenance costs. 

But in what situations is hydro jetting needed, and when should other techniques and solutions be applied? Here we look at where you can successfully use hydro jetting for your plumbing projects.

When A Plumbing Snake Won’t Work

Plumbing rooter service utilizing a snake can be useful to dislodge a single blockage in a pipe, such as when a toy accidentally makes its way down the drain. A snake can also be helpful when a careful unclogging is needed because the pipes are old and the plumbing system is delicate. Although, when it comes to more stubborn and severe clogs, a snake may only be able to poke a hole in the clog, without really dislodging it.

In this case, hydrojetting can be highly advantageous, providing a robust and pressurized jet of water to dislodge all blockages and clogs, even the ones the snake can’t remove.

For Tough and Stubborn Blockages and Roots

Most clogs aren’t caused by a single event or accident. Many are caused by the gradual accumulation of dirt, hair, grease, and paper or the infiltration of tree roots. As these blockages slowly accumulate, they can be tough to truly remove, as most methods leave at least some residue behind.

When it comes to stubborn blockages, hydro jetting is the ideal solution, offering 360-degree cleaning and the removal of all residues. Rather than just merely shifting a blockage, hydro jetting totally cleans the pipes, making it difficult for more debris to collect and new clogs to form.

For Thorough Pipe Cleaning

When you want more than just a blockage removed from your drains, hydro jetting provides an entirely natural and thorough cleaning for your plumbing system. With water pressures of up to 60,000 psi even stubborn buildups are stripped efficiently and removed from the pipes.

Hydrojetting effectively washes away grease, hair, paper, debris, roots, and dirt as well as bacteria and other disease-causing compounds in your pipes. This can help to improve the function of your plumbing system while improving drainage and reducing odors.

When The Pipes Are Strong

Hydrojetting should only be applied if your pipes can handle the pressure of the water. This is one of the reasons hydro jetting should only be provided by a skilled and experienced professional plumber. A licensed plumbing contractor in San Ramon will be able to give the proper inspection to analyze the condition of your pipes. They will then be able to apply the appropriate water pressure and hydro-jetting technique to ensure cleaner pipes and a successful outcome while keeping your plumbing system protected.

Hydrojetting can be the perfect solution for your plumbing project, providing effective and lasting results. However, it is essential to discuss your expectations and the condition of your plumbing system with a professional plumber before you start hydro jetting. With an experienced professional you can get a better hydro jetting result with clean, hygienic pipes and efficient drainage.