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What is the Cost to Unclog a Drain?

Clogged drains happen to all of us sooner or later. While it’s a common problem, it is an inconvenience that will stop you from being able to use your plumbing normally until you fix it. But how much is it going to cost you to get that drain unclogged and flowing freely again? Here we look at the different costs to unclogging a drain.

If You Do It Yourself…

Unclogging a drain by yourself seems like it’s the best option for minor clogs, but it may not necessarily be the cheapest. However, you should be able to clear most minor clogs at home spending $10 to $75 on DIY supplies and two hours or less of your time.

A standard household sewer snake typically costs $8 to $40, and if you want to rent a 50 to 100-inch industrial-quality sewer snake, you’ll pay somewhere between $29 to $70 depending on your options. But be warned, using a sewer snake without training can quickly cause severe damage to your pipes. You may need to replace your pipes which will skyrocket your costs into the thousands of dollars.

For a Minor Clog…

Plumbers could charge a flat fee or hourly rate to unclog your drain. Homeowners report paying between $50 to $450 to remove a simple clog in the tub or sink. Prices depend on local rates, company rates, the difficulty in clearing the clog, and the timing of the service call (after normal business hours is usually more expensive). A plumber can often give you a rough quote over the phone when you book the service, but they may want to inspect the drain before giving a firm quote.

For a Major Backflow…

A plumber man communicates with a client who pays for the work done. The old man gives the plumber a fee. A black box for tools is next to it.Backflow from any outlet in your home signifies a more serious problem, like a blockage in the main household sewer line. Call your plumber as soon as possible to control damage and minimize costs. For a professional plumber to snake your pipes in the event of a backflow, you will pay between $100 to $800 (although the average is $250 to $550), depending on the distance snaked, local rates, and any additional emergency fees.

If you want to be sure your plumbing fixtures will be effective and safe for your system you can add a video camera inspection. A plumber will sometimes include the cost of snaking the line, or there may be an extra fee.

For Tough Clogs…

With professional hydro jetting your plumber at the cost of $350 to $600 can clear tough clogs or build up in the main sewer line.

If the Pipes Are Damaged…

Damaged sewer lines pipes are more expensive to fix as they require excavation or trenchless sewer repair technology. Replacing your main sewer line can cost a vast $1,000 to $25,000, depending on the length and depth of the lines that need replacing, the type of replacement pipe, local rates, and if you used excavation or trenchless technology.

Beware of Flat Fee Services!

Services offering a flat fee for unclogging a drain are often advertised for $50 to $60. This sounds considerable, but many homeowners who choose these service providers report feeling pressured to agree to expensive additional services. It’s also critical to choose a reputable plumber who is properly bonded, insured and licensed, and to check references before they work on your system.

Leaving a clogged drain without getting it fixed can cause inconvenience and exacerbate damage to your sewage system. By understanding the pricing, benefits, and risks, you can choose the best option to unclog your drain safely and efficiently.