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Trenchless Sewer Repair 301: 5 Reasons it’s Superior to Traditional Repairs

If your sewer line is damaged and needs a repair, you want the best solution – and fast. But how do you choose between trenchless sewer line repair and tradition sewer repair? If you’re looking for reasons to choose trenchless, here’s 5 benefits of no-dig sewer repair that make this process superior to traditional sewer repair.

You Don’t Have To Excavate

One of the greatest and most obvious advantages of trenchless sewer repair is that you don’t have to dig. Excavation can be an extensive and invasive process, causing disruption to your home, your front yard, and even the structures on your property. Most homeowners would prefer to avoid digging wherever possible, and choosing a trenchless sewer repair helps to eliminate the need to excavate and disrupt your property.

You Don’t Have To Replace Landscapes, Driveways, and Sidewalks

Not only is excavation messy and inconvenient, it can mean destroying the structures that the sewer line passes under, including your landscape, your driveway, the sidewalk at the front of your home, and even your garage. Excavating through these structures can be disruptive, and leaves you with the need to replace them after sewer repair is completed. The costs of expertly landscaping your ruined yard, replacing your driveway and sidewalk or repairing excavation to any foundations or your garage can push the costs of traditional sewer repair way up.

Trenchless Saves You Money

As mentioned above, you can avoid having to replace landscapes, driveways, and structures which can really blow out the cost of traditional sewer repair. While trenchless sewer repair might cost more for the quote on paper, there are multiple savings that come from avoiding excavation, which means trenchless sewer repair saves you money overall.

There Are Less Additional Costs

When you choose traditional sewer repair, the amount you are quoted for the sewer repair alone is not the only price you’ll be paying. Quotes for traditional sewer repairs may include the cost of digging up your yard, but not the cost of replacing it. If heavy items need to be moved or the foundations excavated, these costs may not be included either. Overall, traditional sewer repair can easily leave you with a number of out of pocket expenses. Because trenchless sewer is less invasive, there are fewer unexpected and hidden costs, so you know exactly what the repair will cost upfront.

Trenchless Saves Time

Excavation is a lengthy and complex process that can take many days or even weeks to complete. Because trenchless sewer repair does not require excavation it can usually be completed within a few hours saving you time to spend on the things you really care about.

Trenchless sewer repair offers a number of benefits over traditional sewer repair, helping you save time and money, to get your sewer up and running again faster. Call Advanced Plumbing today to learn whether trenchless sewer repair is right for your job and whether it’s the better choice for you.