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Top 7 Home Plumbing FAQs Answered by Professional Plumbers

Top 7 Home Plumbing FAQs Answered by Professional Plumbers

Leaky faucets, clogged drains, running toilets, malfunctioning garbage disposals. These are some of the usual issues that may require plumbing services. Dealing with similar issues can be a hassle, especially if you have no basic knowledge of DIY home repairs or no experience in the same.

Do certain plumbing problems cross your mind often? Most of those issues can be addressed with easy and simple fixes. Take a look at the following plumbing-related questions and answers that may help you with your concerns.


A bucket of hot water or a plunger will usually do the trick if your toilet won’t flush. Check if the water level in the tank is high enough and the chain and rubber flapper are in excellent working condition.

What is the cause of low water pressure?

Different factors can reduce water pressure in your home. It may be caused by deposit build-up, valve issues, and other obstructions. Check for major blockages or see if your neighbors are also experiencing the same problem. Schedule plumbing services if the problem doesn’t go away after a while.

Why does my drain keep getting clogged and how do I fix it?

Top 7 Home Plumbing FAQs Answered by Professional Plumbers1The most common culprits for drain clogs are soap residue from beauty products and oil from food items. Always be careful of what you put on your skin and in your showers–never use strong chemical drain cleaners as it may damage your pipes. If DIY de-clogging methods won’t work, call for plumbing experts to have those obstructions safely removed.

Should I use hot water when running the garbage disposal?

It’s a common misconception that hot water should be turned on when running the disposal. This may actually lead to bigger problems; hot water melts grease and fats, which can then harden further down the pipes at inconvenient areas. Run cold water first to flush the fats and grease in chunks before turning the hot water on.

What are the things that cannot go into the garbage disposal?

Almost all food items can be put into the garbage disposal. However, you should avoid fibrous foods, husks, and shells that could get stuck to the blades. To keep the disposal from malfunctioning, do not put non-food items in it.

What happens if I delay plumbing repairs?

Neglecting plumbing problems will lead to higher costs of repair and affect the efficiency of your plumbing, which could rack up your monthly water bill. Excess moisture can also result in mold and mildew growth, which pollute your indoor air and cause respiratory issues.

How can I identify a leak?

When there are broken water lines in your home, you will likely have low water pressure, unusually high water bills, standing water, or hear sounds of running water in odd places. Schedule a regular inspection with your trusted plumber so they can identify possible problems in your system.

Not all plumbing problems can be prevented. Thus, you need to have a better understanding of how your plumbing system works if you want your residence to have fully functional pipes. If you have other plumbing concerns that were not answered in this blog, feel free to call for plumbing services. Professionals will not only give you the answers you’re looking for, but also help you fix the problem in no time.