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Top 4 Signs You Need To Call Your Plumber

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when there is an undeniable need for a plumber. Although we might not want to admit it, there are certain plumbing problems that can arise in a home that only a plumber can fix. However, there may also be times where you’re unsure if the issue warrants a call to the plumber or whether a do it yourself fix will suffice. While you may be tempted to avoid calling the plumber, an unplanned for DIY repair can lead to a major disaster and even more costly correction. Here we look at 4 scenarios that could arise in your home that definitely require the assistance of a plumber to correct, and how you can identify and manage them.

Your Drains Are Blocked

You can attempt some initial DIY efforts to unclog your blocked drains, but if the blockage doesn’t respond to simple attempts to budge it, it’s time to call in the plumber. Dealing with blocked drains is also known as rooter service, owing it’s name to the history of drain unblocking where the rooter would remove tree roots that may be causing a drain blockage.

While it may not be tree roots clogging up your drain, if you have a drain blockage that just won’t budge, your best bet is to call your local plumber to come and unclog the drain and perhaps even provide repiping or repair to any damaged area of pipes.

You’re Installing A New Appliance

Putting in a new dishwasher and not sure which pipe goes where? Need to reconnect your washing machine but you’re confused about which is the hot and which is the cold? Or perhaps you’re installing a new hot water heater. When putting in a new appliance that requires a water supply, it’s always highly recommend you call in a plumber for the job. While you might think it’s easy enough to do yourself, a small mix up could spell a big disaster for your plumbing, or worse completely ruin your new machine.

Plumbers are always happy to come in and quickly and efficiently set up your new machines and appliances, so you have one less thing to worry about after buying your brand new home appliances.

You See Puddles, Leaks, or Flooding

Persistent dampness, leaking pipes and taps, or all out flooding usually require an urgent call to the plumber. Ongoing dampness in your home due to leaks can create conditions for mold to flourish, which can damage your home and your health. Flooding can cause serious damage to your home in the short term and should be considered an emergency for a plumber to address.

Even a leaky faucet can waste gallons of water each year and is well worth fixing. Call your plumber for fast and efficient service for damp or drowned rooms.

You Have Problems With Your Water Heater

Sometimes you just want a nice hot shower, but you only get cold water, discolored water or no water at all! While it may be tempting to poke around the hot water heater yourself this is generally not a good idea, as the combination of electricity and water can often be dangerous.

Your plumber is the professional who is most capable of quickly diagnosing your water heater problems and providing a fix, so you can get your hot water back sooner.

Next time you encounter a problem with your plumbing or water supply, take a moment to consider whether your first action should be giving your plumber a call. Getting expert advice and assistance from the start can help to save you a whole lot of time, money and trouble when dealing with plumbing issues.