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There’s No Hot Water! How To Get Your Hot Shower Back in No Time

We all know the feeling. You’re getting ready to unwind with a nice hot shower, but you find that there’s no hot water. You may be cold, wet and annoyed, but before you take drastic action, there are a few things you need to check first. Your first point of call to check for hot water issues will be the water heater. Water heaters come in many different types and varieties. Knowing what kind of water heater you have and what the potential issues with it are can really help you troubleshoot hot water problems quickly. Here we look at a few tips for when your hot water is not so hot at all.

Wait For The Heater to Refill

First of all, make sure that your hot water has not just run out! Many water heaters work by filling up, heating, and storing the hot water for use throughout the day. If the hot water tank has recently been emptied, it may take a while to fill back up and heat again. This is more likely to be an issue if you are experiencing a higher than normal use of your hot water system.

If you can wait, give your water heater a maximum of 24 hours to attempt to refill and reheat. If your hot water has not returned by that point, it’s time to call your plumber.

Consider If Your Heater is Big Enough

If you are constantly running out of hot water, it may be time to consider whether you need to replace your water heater for a larger capacity model. Water heater replacement can be the best solution for an inefficient, old or small water heater, as no amount of repair can make the water heater efficient enough for you.


Call A Plumber

If you are certain there is actually a problem with your system that warrants water heater repair, the best first step is to call your plumber. More often than not, corrosion, sedimentation or improper installation can be affecting the functionality of your water heater, and a plumber is the best equipped professional to deal with these hot water tank issues.

Check for Electric or Gas Issues

In some cases, the issue with your hot water system may be due to electrical or gas faults that are stopping the water actually heating in the first place. Signs that this is the cause for your water heater issues can include no sign of electricity in the machine, an absent pilot light or the water is filling but not warming up at all. Of course, if you smell gas you should always vacate the house and call your gas provider immediately as there may be a leak.

Finding out you have no hot water at home can be a real hassle, but knowing what to do and when to call your plumber helps to ensure you get your hot water back as quickly and as efficiently as possible.