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What Should I Do If I Smell A Gas Leak In My House?

Natural gas is used for both cooking and heating for millions of homes in the U.S., but a gas leak in the home is a critical emergency. You may detect a gas leak because you discover the hallmark rotten egg smell of gas in your home, or you can hear a hissing noise or see a damaged gas line. Knowing what to do in the first few minutes is critical to ensuring the safety of your home and its occupants.


If the smell of the gas is overpowering, you are having trouble breathing or you can hear a loud hissing sound, the first priority is to get out and away from the house. Evacuate everyone from the house, and make sure you are a safe distance from the house or in a neighbor’s house before you move on to the next steps.

If the gas smell is only slight and you can breathe easily, open windows and doors before you leave to help dissipate the gas.

Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to evacuating a house or building with a gas leak, there’s a few guidelines to keep in mind to ensure your safety. First of all, gas is dangerous because it can be explosive when exposed to heat or an ignition source. The explosive nature of gas is what makes it so effective as a fuel for our cooking or heating, but it also makes it extremely dangerous.

If you even suspect a gas leak, you want to avoid creating any potential source of ignition. This means obviously avoiding lighting matches, smoking or turning on any heat. It’s also important that you don’t use your phone or make any phone calls, flip any switches, start your car or unplug or plug in any electronics, as these can all trigger a spark. Don’t use the bathroom either, as this can make a gas leak worse. Simply leave your home as soon as possible and move away by foot to phone for help from a professional.

Call Your Gas Company and A Professional Plumber

Once you are outside the house or in a neighbor’s house, call your gas company as soon as possible, as well as a licensed professional to provide gas line repair. This will generally be a professional plumber who knows how to handle the shut off and the piping that delivers gas to your home.

The gas company may visit your property to turn off the gas mains and check the gas lines in your house to determine whether there is an issue with your appliances, or whether you need gas line replacement either in the yard or inside the house. Most repairs and replacements within the house will be resolved with repiping provided by a qualified plumber.

Don’t Attempt Repairs Yourself

Unless you happen to be a professional plumber yourself, it’s a good idea to avoid DIY repairs on your gas lines. A gas leak can be a major problem, causing extensive damage and even injury or death if not properly repaired or replaced. A professional plumber can test your home for where the gas leak may have originated and provide an efficient and cost effective solution.

With these tips you can stay safe if you have a gas leak, as well as ensuring you receive the best gas line repair or replacement for your home and your needs.