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Should I DIY Repiping My Gas Line or Call Professional Plumbing Services

Should I DIY Repiping My Gas Line or Call Professional Plumbing Services?

When you think about tinkering with a gas appliance, it can be quite scary. After all, you are literally siphoning a highly flammable substance into your home. After that, you’re lighting it in order to operate a furnace, water heater, oven, or stove every time you want to use those appliances.

Surprisingly – and fortunately – gas line accidents don’t happen too often. The truth is that gas appliances are very safe – but only when they are functioning properly. So to make sure that all gas lines in your home are working correctly, they need to be repaired by no less than a gas line repair and plumbing expert.


Should I DIY Repiping My Gas Line or Call Professional Plumbing Services1Repiping simply means rerouting or replacing your existing gas lines. You need this done in order to fix chronic problems and prevent future interruptions, issues, and hazards. Plumbers are the ones responsible for properly inspecting the condition of your gas piping.

Until recently, almost all gas lines were made of galvanized steel. The drawback with such lines is they suffer from rust and other kinds of corrosion as the years go by. They typically last around 25 to 35 years, and really should be replaced by a licensed professional once they’re older than that.

Aside from corrosion, old gas pipes pose serious safety and health risks, and there can be mechanical issues arising from building settling, vibration, accidents, and so on. They may also reduce gas flow rates, which lower the efficiency of your appliances.

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Reasons Why Gas Repiping Should be Done by a Certified Plumber

  1. Improper repiping could lead to the heating system itself not working.

If the gas line is not connected or installed properly on appliances like a water heater, your water might not be heated. This issue can be avoided by having a professional work on your gas lines.

  1. Improper repiping could lead to a gas leak.

Apart from your appliance not operating correctly, improper repiping poses a major health risk for you and your family members. The possibility of a gas leak is one of the main reasons to avoid DIY gas line. This, obviously, is a serious fire hazard, and inhaling gas fumes can be deadly.

  1. Improper repiping can damage the surroundings of your heating system.

When a gas line is not correctly installed, other damages may happen. Similar to the water heater example stated above, this could result in water leaks that will leave you with costly damages. It’s much better to call a professional instead of trying to save money by going DIY, which could actually make you spend WAY more on repairs in the future.

Leave Plumbing Repairs to the Pros

There are many plumbing tasks that are better left to the professionals. Having an expert plumber handle your gas line repiping needs gives you the peace of mind knowing your home is in good hands. Trusting professionals to do the job instead of taking the DIY route will also save you lots of time and money, and keep everyone in your home safe.