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Should Home Buyers Hire a Plumbing Service to Inspect the Sewers in a Prospective Property

Should Home Buyers Hire a Plumbing Service to Inspect the Sewers in a Prospective Property?

When buying a home, you need to check several things before making a down payment on the property you want. People often focus on the superficial things, but if you really want to know the actual state of your future house, you need to scratch the surface. Although electric and heating installation should be at the top of your list, your first priority should be plumbing.

Why plumbing? Because problems in this area are typically more difficult and expensive to fix. That’s why you need to call plumbing services and have your potential home inspected for hidden issues.


Imagine purchasing a home and discovering weeks later that there are serious issues with the sewer system. You’re forced to deal with messy backups in your home, leaving you with a problem to repair.

Having your sewers repaired doesn’t come cheap. An average repair would cost you $5,000, and if the issue is in the street, the amount for plumbing services can quickly increase to $20,000 or more.

Sewage can seep into your home once old and deteriorating lines begin to collapse. A camera inspection may show you that a decade-old sewer line is already clogged or else damaged by tree roots. However, never assume that a newer house won’t have sewer problems. Anything wrong can happen, even with relatively new sewer lines.

Other Plumbing Problems that Could Happen

Should Home Buyers Hire a Plumbing Service to Inspect the Sewers in a Prospective Property1A responsible home buyer will certainly think of having a prospective property’s sewer system inspected. But there are other plumbing problems that you should look into before settling on a new home.

Leaks in toilets may lead to serious water damage and high repair costs. According to experts, home buyers should inspect the area around the toilet to see if it is still in good working condition. If the bowl shifts out of place when you push it or the floor feels soft, talk to the homeowner and ask why this is happening.

Without an inspection, water pipes that are improperly installed as well as clogged drains can also result in headaches for home buyers. All faucets should be checked as well–let the water run for a few minutes and look at the drain. If the water is draining slowly, it might be caused by a clogged pipe.

Here are 4 common sewer problems early detection can fixed

Final Thoughts

A lot of care and thought goes into finding the perfect home, so it’s important to ensure the one you choose is ready for move-in once you are. While a new house may seem spotless, it’s worth noting that it’s not just century-old homes can have issues. It’s a good idea to call for plumbing services and ask for an inspection in a home that’s more than 20 years old.

Many people choose not to get an inspection out of fear that there’s a serious plumbing issue and they won’t be able to afford a repair service. But inspections don’t always lead to bad news. Sometimes you may discover that an old home actually has a new sewer line. So always check with your trusted professional and get plumbing services before buying the property you’re eyeing.