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Prevention of Common Plumbing Disasters

Leaks, flooding, sewage backups, and burst pipes are all things you don’t want to discover in your home. Plumbing disasters can range from the inconvenient to the catastrophic, and can often involve a great deal of cost to repair. However, these plumbing disasters can be prevented with some regular maintenance and a basic understanding of plumbing systems. Here we look at how you can avoid plumbing disasters in your home.

Use Your Plumbing Wisely

Many plumbing disasters can be prevented by simply understanding how to use your plumbing correctly and safely. The only things that should ever go down your drains are water, toilet paper, and human waste. Avoid flushing any other kind of product down the toilet, and use a strainer on the sink to prevent large chunks of food waste or other debris from going down the drain. Always try to remove hair from sinks and drains and don’t pour oil or grease down the drain, as these can both accumulate into clogs over time. If you respect your drains and plumbing system, you will find your plumbing performs better in return.

Water pipe blocked with rust and sludge

Pipe and Drain Cleaning

Preventative drain and pipe cleaning can be an effective way to avoid plumbing disasters like clogs and sewage backflows. It’s always best to ask a professional plumber to provide your pipe and drain cleaning, as they have the techniques and technology to clean plumbing installations safely without chemicals. Hydro-jet cleaning is a great solution to thoroughly wash away all traces of clogs, debris and bacteria for an effective and efficient clean that really lasts.

Plumbing Inspections

One of the most important ways to prevent plumbing disasters is to schedule a total plumbing inspection with a master plumber at least once a year. A professional plumber can provide camera inspections for your drains and sewer pipes, as well as inspecting all plumbing outlets, fittings, and appliances. Inspection by a professional plumber helps to pick up plumbing issues early and catch them while they’re still easy and inexpensive to fix.

Water Heater Repairs and Updates

Water heaters can be the cause of any number of plumbing disasters from flooding to a sudden and total loss of your hot water supply. Water heaters need regular check-ups and maintenance in order to function effectively and safely. Provide regular inspections and maintenance on your water heater or call a licensed plumber to inspect your water heater at least once a year to avoid plumbing disasters.

Checking the Water Main Shut Off

The escalation of many plumbing disasters can be prevented by simply knowing where the water main shut off valve is, and knowing how to close it off. Your plumber can show you where to find your water main shut off valve and how to operate it, so you can prevent unnecessary flooding and expensive damage in the case of a plumbing disaster.

Learning how to quickly manage a plumbing issue, or having a professional plumber inspect and repair your plumbing regularly, can help you to minimize damage and even prevent plumbing disasters from occurring.