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is your plumbing wasting too much water?

Is Your Plumbing Wasting Too Much Water?

With water costs rising and much of California still in drought, conserving our water stores and minimizing water usage is a priority for many Bay Area households. But still thousands of gallons of water are wasted each and every day due to poor plumbing, excess usage and unskillful water use practices.

Although 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, only 1% of that water is accessible and safe for our daily use. Water is a precious resource which we should conserve and protect, and yet without realizing it, many homes waste water on a daily basis. Here we look at areas where your home may be wasting water and how you can protect this natural resource with water saving techniques and tips.

Leaky Faucets

While leaky faucets may seem harmless, leaks account for a waste of 10,000 gallons of water every year in each household, which is a truly staggering figure. In order to save water as a resource and reduce your water bill, call in your local plumber to fix up any leaky faucets or pipes you may have around the house. Even a running toilet can waste gallons of water each day without you even noticing.

A quick check of your faucets and pipes by a plumber can help to identify any leaks or damage and correct these before your water wastage gets out of hand.

Damaged Pipes

Damaged and cracked pipes are a huge source of wasted water in both municipal plumbing and household plumbing. Even tiny cracks or leaks in underground pipes can cause issues, as tree and plant roots are attracted to this source of water and end up growing into cracks, making them larger and wasting yet more water. This can result in the need for expensive repiping and underground plumbing repair.

If you do have pipe damage or plumbing leaks, choose a plumber who offers trenchless sewer repair or trenchless sewer replacement to save you time and money without the need for excavation.

Water Saving Fittings and Appliances

Any quality Bay Area plumber will be able to advise you on how you can save even more water in your home by installing water saving appliances and fixtures such as low water usage washing machines and dishwashers, and water saving faucets, shower heads and toilets. The use of these water saving devices can save a household thousands of gallons of water a year, which translates to a saving of up to 30% on your water bill as well.

Smart Water Practices

Over half the water used outside the home in gardens and landscaping is wasted and lost due to run off, evaporation, and overwatering. If you want to use water outdoors, try to prevent excess water loss by using smart water practices, such as watering late at night or early in the morning to prevent evaporation, using a handheld or timer system to prevent overwatering, and placing sprinklers in the right areas to prevent run off onto concrete or into drains.

With a helpful analysis of your plumbing by your local plumbing and rooter service, an update of your pipes, faucets and fittings, and smart water use practices, you can conserve water in the home to help protect the environment and save on your water bill.