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why your pipes are making a whining sound

Why Your Plumbing Is Making A Whining Sound

There’s no doubt that strange plumbing sounds in your home can be a disruption. In some cases, they may even be a sign of a serious issue that needs to be fixed. Few plumbing noises are more disturbing than the high-pitched whining or screeching sound that can come from pipes, faucets or the toilet. So what is the cause of this whining sound from plumbing and what does it mean? Here we look at some of the most common causes of whining pipes and plumbing.

why my pipes are making a whining soundRecognizing Plumbing ‘Whining’

Plumbing whining should be differentiated from other plumbing sounds such as gurgling, rattling and knocking. However, you may have more than one type of noise coming from your plumbing at any one time. When looking for the cause of your plumbing whining, it’s important to identify and note when the whining sound occurs. Does it occur only when you open the faucet? Is the whining sound in the pipes in the walls? Or does it occur after you flush the toilet? Identifying the timing and precise location of the whining sound can help you and your plumber identify the cause.

Top Reasons Why Your Pipes are Making A Whining Sound

There are actually a number of causes of whining noises coming from plumbing. Some of these causes can be quite innocent and easy to fix, while others indicate a more serious problem needing major repairs. If you notice whining sounds from your plumbing, it’s a good idea to call a licensed plumber to diagnose any issues and quickly identify and fix the cause of plumbing whining.

Some of the most common causes of plumbing whining include:

Washer Replacement Needed

– If you notice the whining sound occurring when you open your faucet, a flimsy and old washer could be to blame. A valve in the sink or pipes could also be causing the issue. Your plumber will inspect the faucet and sink where the noise is occurring to precisely pinpoint the culprit of the sound.

Faulty Valve in Sink or Toilet

– Faulty valves can also be responsible for whining sounds. Because faucet-1524331_1920these are often located close to toilets and sinks and are often mistaken in the case of more serious issues, it’s a good idea to get your valves professionally inspected.

High Mains Water Pressure

– High water pressure from the street supply can also cause whining in the pipes. In this case, your plumber would install equipment to moderate the mains pressure to be easier on your pipes and reduce the whining.

Air In the Pipes

– Air may be getting into your pipes from leaks in appliances, pipes or faucets, or in more serious cases from cracks in the pipes. Have a licensed plumber inspect your plumbing immediately if you suspect there is air in your pipes.

Blockages in Pipe

– Pipe blockages are one of the more serious causes of plumbing whining. Pipe blockages can lead to serious leaks or burst pipes, causing serious damage to your home! If you suspect there is a blockage in your pipes, call a rooter service right away.

With so many potential causes of whining sounds coming from your plumbing, it can be difficult to pinpoint which issue is affecting your system. By contacting your local licensed plumber when you first notice whining sounds in your plumbing, you can get a fast, accurate and professional opinion on the cause of plumbing whining, and avoid serious plumbing complications and repairs.