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My Water Heater is Knocking Do I Need to Call Emergency Repair Services

My Water Heater is Knocking. Do I Need to Call Emergency Repair Services?

Water heaters normally make a low humming noise when in use. However, a strange knocking sound from the unit is not something you should take for granted–it may actually be a sign that you need water heater repair immediately.

Knocking sounds often indicate that your water heater tank has already collected a thick layer of sediment composed of minerals such as lime and calcium. This means your water heater installation is now running inefficiently, which could result in a significant spike in your heating bill.

In fact, over time, sediment buildup could lead to major damage to your water heater.


Water will be trapped by the sediment at the bottom of the tank where the gas heating burner is located. Once the gas burner starts boiling the water, it bubbles up until it escapes the layer of sediment. Think of it like a covered water-filled pot sitting on a hot stove. Once the water is heated enough and bubbling away, the lid will get pushed upward.

Is Sediment Buildup Dangerous?

If you’re concerned about your water heater exploding, don’t worry–it’s not an effect of sediment buildup. But it can overheat the water heater tank and make it deteriorate at a faster pace. Broken tanks have greater chances of bursting or leaking, which can lead to costly water damage in your home.

The Importance of Flushing Your Water Heater

My Water Heater is Knocking Do I Need to Call Emergency Repair Services1Water heater repair and maintenance is an important investment.

Ignoring this puts your water heater at risk of leaks and other complicated issues. Thankfully, professional plumbers can perform water heater repair and maintenance to keep your unit running optimally. A plumbing leak can go undetected for hours or even days so having an expert fix your plumbing system as soon as possible saves you lots of time and money.

What Happens If I Don’t Schedule a Water Heater Repair?

Aside from decreased efficiency, here are the things that could happen if you do not call for water heater repair ASAP.

1. Hot water leak

If you ignore a sediment buildup, your water heater tank might be destroyed–potentially spilling tens of gallons of water all over your floor.

2. Less hot water

The bigger the buildup becomes, the less room is left for the water. This means the amount of hot water will be reduced and your usual morning showers will get colder as the days go by.

3. Heater malfunction

Once the electric heating components of your unit get too covered in sediment, it will suddenly stop heating. At that point, your only option is to call for emergency water heater repair services. Even worse, you might be facing a water heater replacement that won’t come cheap.

If your car is making a weird knocking or popping noise, you surely wouldn’t ignore it–so a strange sound from your water heater should not be neglected either.

Whether you want to flush out your unit or simply need water heater repair services, always get help from expert plumbers. They can maintain your water heater to keep it working efficiently and protect you from serious damage that can lead to costly repairs.