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Must-Have Plumbing Maintenance Services to Prepare You for Summer

Must-Have Plumbing Maintenance Services to Prepare You for Summer

When summer begins, you may notice changes in your home’s plumbing system. The sprinkler system is fired up, your water isn’t heating up as much as it should, and your toilets are used more often because the kids are at home for their summer break.

Increased usage of water means potential plumbing issues, so it’s important to get routine maintenance from licensed professionals. That said, below are several plumbing services you’ll need to keep your system in excellent shape this summer.


Many consider summer as the season of abundance. It’s the time when most family get-togethers happen, which means more food to be shared. Unfortunately, it’s also the time when it’s most tempting to toss all of the leftover food down your disposal unit.

The only problem with that is grease from cooked meats, bones from the barbecue, or even pits from your fruits can damage your disposal unit. There are things you can do to keep it working smoothly such as:

  1. Don’t put any kind of bone in the disposal.
  2. Don’t put too many food items in at once.
  3. Never put fat or grease in the disposal unit as it can harden once it cools.
  4. Avoid egg shells, pasta, coffee grounds, fruit pits, and celery; these can all cause clogging.

Pro tip: try putting ice inside your disposal to sharpen the blades. For gunky blockages, combine ice with vinegar or rock salt and run cold water for at least 10 seconds.

Washing Machine Hose Maintenance

Must-Have Plumbing Maintenance Services to Prepare You for Summer1Do you even remember the last time you checked your washing machine hoses? Most of us probably don’t as it’s an “out of sight, out of mind” sort of plumbing item. However, they pose a major risk if they burst because a burst washing machine hose can lead to flooding, which then means having to call a plumbing services professional.

We recommend you replace hoses every five years, at most. Be sure to routinely check those hoses and see if there is any bulging anywhere, or any deformities in their shape. If you see that a hose no longer holds its original form, it’s time to replace it. Braided stainless steel hoses work better than the traditional rubber hoses, which are more prone to bursting and cracking.

Water Heater Maintenance

Are you leaving town with your family for a vacation this summer? Then don’t pay to heat water that you will not be using. Remember to turn it off when you go away for several days. This method not only saves your wallet but also saves energy for your home.

Did you inherit a water heater from the previous owner of your home? Then it’s a good idea to look at the age of that heater, too. How long that machine has been working will tell you if it can still work optimally. If you think it’s time to replace it, call a licensed professional to find out more about your options.

Summertime means significant water use inside your home. Whether it’s filling up the mini-pool for your kids or simply watering your garden, your water usage increases as the warmer months start to kick in. With the above maintenance plumbing services, you’re sure to have summer fun without worrying about your plumbing system.

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