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How Do You Know When You Should Replace A Toilet

Is your toilet so old it’s a bit of an embarrassment? Or has your old toilet been functioning fine for years and you’re wondering when or even if you need to replace it? Although we visit our toilets every day, we don’t usually spend any time thinking about them. That is, of course, until something goes wrong and you need to call an emergency plumber! But can you catch toilet problems early by knowing when you should replace a toilet? Here we look at some of the signs that you need to replace your toilet to avoid clogs, leaks and discomforts, and enjoy a better bathroom experience.

Leaks Near the Toilet

Leaks near the toilet are never a good sign, and should be evaluated by your plumber as soon as possible to avoid damage to the surrounding floor and stop the development of mildew, rot and structural damage. Leaks could be due to issues with the plumbing connections or pipes, or they could be a sign of a cracked tank. While issues with the flange or wax ring are simple fixes, if you have an old toilet with a cracked tank, it’s probably a better investment to simply remove and replace the toilet. This helps to ensure the integrity of your plumbing and the safety of your floors.

Frequent Clogs and Overflows

Flushing the wrong things down the toilet can cause nasty clogs and blockages, which could lead to the need for rooter service. But if you haven’t flushed anything abnormal and your toilet is still getting clogged and blocked up more than once a week, it’s time to call the plumber. Older, low-flush technology can sometimes be inadequate to expel all the toilet contents, so an upgrade to a newer, water efficient toilet can often solve the problem.

Poor Flush

A lackluster flush is not just frustrating, it can lead to clogs and blockages. A low (or no) flush could be due to low water levels, clogged or worn out parts, or a clogged bowl or sewer lines. Get your plumber to have a look at your toilet flush to help you work out what the source of this problem is. The fix could be quick and simple, but if your toilet is older and has been constantly malfunctioning, a toilet replacement is probably your best bet.

Strange Sounds in the Tank

Frequent hissing, filling or trickling sounds in the tank of your toilet could indicate that internal tank components such as the fill valve and float need adjustment. You or your plumber can take a look inside the bowl to see what the issue might be. If fixes in these minor internal parts don’t easily resolve your issues, it’s important to keep in mind that replacing your whole toilet might be more worthwhile than simply replacing the whole internal assembly. And you get a shiny new bowl as well!

Wobbly Toilet

A toilet should never be wobbly, but if your toilet is wobbling it could indicate anything as simple as a few loose bolts, to something as serious as a damaged and rotting floor. Call your plumber as soon as possible if you notice this, so they can correctly diagnose what’s happening, fix the problem, and replace the toilet if necessary.


Replacing your toilet could give you a number of benefits, including providing a more updated, comfortable and hygienic place to relieve yourself, and a more modern and water efficient appliance for your home, so talk with your local plumber about your options if you are concerned that your toilet may need replacing.