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Hydro Jetting Vs Drain Snaking

Hydro jetting and sewer snaking are two different ways to clear clogs and clean out your plumbing pipes. Each technique is best suited to different types of pipe blockages and plumbing issues, but how do you determine which option is right for your problem? Here are the differences between hydro jetting and the sewer snake and which is the best option for you.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting offers a completely natural, yet powerful way to not only clear away clogs and blockages, but to also remove any remaining debris, bacteria, or residue from inside your pipes. Hydro jetting uses a forceful stream of water between 3000-8000 psi with a specialized nozzle to dislodge and sweep away all blockages including tree roots, grease, and hair.


Hydro jetting is extremely effective at removing all partial and total blockages to maintain a clean, clear and healthy pipe system. Hydro jetting can clear out your drains and even commercial sewer lines, with a strong enough pressure capable of removing tree roots.


One thing to think about is that hydro jetting can damage pipes if done incorrectly. Therefore, you should always choose a professional plumbing and rooter experienced technician to administer hydro jetting. A plumber will provide a camera inspection before hydro jetting to ensure there is no pipe damage and that the pipes will stand up to high water pressures.

Hydro jetting is suitable for:

Partial and complete blockages

Tree roots

Pipe interior cleaning

Slow drains

Sturdy Pipes

Drain Snaking

Drain snaking is a tried and trusted method of clearing blockages from pipes and speeding up the slow drainage. This involves using a device called an auger that is composed of a long steel cable with a corkscrew-like coil at one end. When inserted into a pipe, the corkscrew coil pierces the blockage, either cutting a hole through it to allow water to flow, or allowing the blockage to be pulled out and removed from the drain.


Because drain snaking is a historically proven method, many homeowners trust snaking as a drain clearing technique. Snakes are usually enough to clear out most clogs, and can help alert you to more serious problems, such as tree root invasion. When operated by a skilled professional, drain snakes are also better for fragile pipes.


Drain snaking can only remove a blockage or ease the flow of water past it. Snaking won’t clean the minerals and grease off your pipes like hydro jetting can. In some cases, a drain snake can only pierce a hole through the blockage to allow water to flow again, so it’s nothing more than a temporary fix for some types of clogs.

 Drain snaking is suitable for:

  • Minor blockages
  • Delicate pipes
  • Temporary fix

 Choosing the right method to remove clogs and blockages from your pipes should involve a plumbing inspection and the expert advice of an experienced plumber. If you’re experiencing slow drainage, plumbing failures, or waste water backup, call Advanced Plumbing and Rooter Service as soon as possible to discuss the best way to unclog your pipes.