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How to Tell When you Need a New Toilet

Your toilet is an important part of your home that gets daily use. Toilets, like anything else, eventually wear out and need to be replaced. If possible, you want to replace your toilet before it breaks down completely, potentially leaving you in a sticky situation! Keep watch for these signs that warn you; you need a new toilet.

Frequent Clogs

Under most circumstances and normal use, toilet clogs should be relatively unusual. If you find yourself with a clogged toilet often (more than once a week), it could be a sign your toilet is starting to age and wear out. Age and wear can cause build-up in the pipes that will lead to repeated clogs. It can also cause other components to break down that reduce the power and force of the flow during a flush. Overall, frequent clogs may indicate it is time to set aside the plunger and instead invest in a brand-new toilet.

Constantly Running

If your toilet continues to run after flushing it, this can become quite a problem. Not only is the sound annoying, but the continually running water will increase your water bill. The cause of a continuously running toilet can be due to the breakdown of various components in the cistern such as the fill tube, chain/plug or ball float. These components can be repaired or replaced. However, if you need to repair multiple components, you may find that installing an entirely new toilet is a better financial investment.

Overflowing Water

Even worse than a clogged toilet or one that is continually running, is one that does both. This problem becomes worse if that toilet is difficult to plunge and eventually overflows. A toilet overflow creates a big mess to clean up and can even cause bacterial contamination and water damage. It is certainly not a situation you want to deal with very often. If this happens repeatedly, you should consult with a professional plumber and inquire whether it is time to invest in a replacement toilet.

Weak or No Flush

Just as toilets can develop problems with always running water, older toilets can also lose their ability to flush correctly. A weak flush may just be bothersome and unpleasant, especially if you have guests. No flush can be a bigger problem, quickly rendering the toilet unusable and leaving unwanted debris sitting in your bathroom. You will probably want to have this situation promptly resolved, and it may require the installation of a new toilet.

Leak and Floor Damage

Old toilets can sometimes develop a seemingly mysterious leak. This leak may be visible, due perhaps to a crack in the tank or commode, although the source can sometimes be hard to spot. The only sign of the leak may be water pooling around or near the toilet. In the worst cases, that water may seep into the flooring and cause damage. A crack in the toilet is virtually impossible to repair and warrants a replacement of the whole unit.

Changing out a toilet is no easy task. First, it can be a rather messy job. Second, toilets (especially old models) weigh a lot. If you are having your toilet replaced, it is also an excellent time to check for other problems such as pipe leaks and floor damage. For toilet problems, call Advanced Plumbing and Rooter for an accurate diagnosis and professional solution for your toilet.