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Where is that High-Pitched Noise Actually Coming From? How Do I Fix It?

High-pitched sounds from plumbing and pipes can cause quite a disturbance, whether or not they happen when the plumbing is actually in use. These sounds from plumbing can be caused by a number of different factors, and the cause can sometimes be obscure and difficult to identify. However, locating the cause is the first step to fixing high-pitched sounds from plumbing and returning your plumbing to a normal, quiet, and functioning state. While we explored some of the common causes of a high-pitched sound from plumbing in the previous blog, here we look at how to resolve the high-pitched squeal and keep your plumbing quiet.

High-Pitched Noise Due To Faulty Valve or Faucet Parts

When the high-pitched squealing sounds seem to be coming from a water outlet, faucet, or plumbing fixture in your home while that fixture is in use, then faulty or loose components are likely to blame. These can easily be replaced with some DIY plumbing know-how. In the case of a screeching faucet, replacing the washer or the entire valve stem can correct the issue.

The correct method to replace the washer or the valve stem depends on what kind of faucet you have, so be sure to research the best method for your faucet before beginning. But in general, your first step in any plumbing situation will always be to turn off the water supply, in this case to the faucet. You should then be able to remove the decorative faucet covers and unscrew the faucet stem to loosen it. Final steps will likely then be to pull out the valve stem and replace the washer, or replace the whole valve stem if necessary.

High-Pitched Screeching is Coming From The Toilet

If the high-pitched sounds are coming from the toilet you may be waking up the whole household with those late-night toilet trips! Replacing your toilet’s ballcock valve, washer, or assembly may be what’s needed to fix your screeching toilet. This valve is usually held in place by two large nuts on the underside of the toilet tank: one to hold the ballcock valve in place and the other to high-pitched-screeching-is-coming-from-the-toiletconnect it to the water inlet. But before starting, make sure that you’ve checked up on the proper procedures for your toilet model. Then you can shut off the water supply to the toilet, flush the toilet until the tank drains completely, and sponge up any excess water that remains. After that, you should just need to loosen both nuts underneath the tank and let them slide over the supply pipe before removing and replacing the ballcock assembly in part or in whole.

In some cases, restricted water flow to the toilet while it is refilling can also cause a high-pitched whine. If you suspect this is the case, try opening the water valve fully to ensure that water can flow freely; doing this should put a stop the high-pitched noises.

High-Pitched Plumbing Noises With No Clear Cause

What if the high-pitched plumbing noises don’t seem to have a clear cause, or they can’t be narrowed down to a single fixture? In those cases, the issue may be a little more complicated. High-pitched noises from plumbing that come out of the blue can be due to a number of internal plumbing factors, or could even be from tree roots blocking pipes. It’s always best to call your local professional plumber for advice on these issues because, without identifying a clear cause, it’s hard to find the best solution. Your local plumber can quickly diagnose your problem and find the most efficient solution using specialized tools.

While high-pitched sounds from plumbing can be annoying, by carefully finding an accurate diagnosis you can apply the appropriate solution to rid your pipes of high-pitched noises.


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