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Help! My Pipes Are Making High Pitched Sound! Common Causes for Plumbing Sounds

We have looked at a number of strange sounds that can come from plumbing, and what they mean. One of the most alarming sounds that can come from your plumbing is a high-pitched squeal. Regular use of your plumbing fixtures can lead to noise but noise may happen randomly. The cause of high pitched squealing sounds can be difficult to find. Once the cause is identified, the best solution will follow. Here we look at some of the causes of high pitched squealing sounds from plumbing and pipes.

High Pitched Sound While Water is Flowing

A high-pitched sound can often be emitted from pipes and plumbing when water is flowing. Typically, there will be a loud, screeching sound, or high pitched whine that occurs when water starts traveling through pipes. You may have just flushed the toilet or opened the faucet when you notice this high-pitched sound. It may be that the pipes only whine a few seconds into opening your faucet, or only when water is flowing at a low pressure. Surprisingly, you may even find that the high-pitched sound stops if you turn the pressure up slightly.

high-pitched-noise-in-plumbng-fix-drainThere are two potential causes for a high-pitched sound that occurs when water is flowing. The high-pitched sound is caused by water flowing rapidly through a small opening or past an obstruction. The rapidly flowing water can cause vibration in loose parts of the faucet or valve, which triggers the high-pitched whine. In a faucet, this can be caused by a loose washer or screw in the base of the faucet. Likewise, if your toilet is making a shrieking sound, it could be a faulty washer in the ballcock assembly inside the tank. In some faucets, you may need to replace the entire valve stem to fix the high-pitched whining noise.

A high-pitched sound along with flowing water can also be caused by water pressure that is too high. High water pressure flowing through a small opening can cause the same vibrations that result in a high-pitched whining noise. Finding a way to lower or moderate the water pressure can help to stop the high-pitched noise from plumbing.

High Pitched Sound Occurs Without Water Flowing

Occasionally, you may hear a high-pitched whining sound coming from your pipes and plumbing, even when they are not in use. It can be somewhat more difficult to diagnose a high pitching sound from plumbing when it happens out of the blue. In some cases, this can be due to a blockage in the drain vent. You may require rooter service from a qualified plumber to resolve this issue.

In even more rare circumstances, a problem with the refill device on your toilet may be causing the high-pitched noise. If you notice high pitched noises coming from your plumbing at all times of day, it may be best to contact your local plumber for an expert diagnosis.

While hearing high pitched screeching sounds from your plumbing can be alarming, finding the right diagnosis for your noisy pipes helps you get one step closer to a solution.