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how to fix a leaky dishwaher

How To Fix A Leaky Dishwasher

A leaky dishwasher is a problem that no homeowner wants to put up with. A leaking dishwasher can cause issues with flooding on your kitchen floor, potentially causing damage and a slip hazard. A faulty dishwasher can also make it necessary to undertake the time-consuming process of washing all dishes by hand. Finding the source and the cause of a dishwasher leak is the first step to diagnosing a fixing the leak. The cause of your leak will determine how to fix your leaky dishwasher. Let’s get started.

 dishwasher-leakingCheck Operating Instructions

Sometimes  leaks are due to something as simple as loading the dishwasher incorrectly, or using the wrong type of detergent. Check your dishwasher’s operating manual for instructions on how to use, pack and run your dishwasher correctly. Ensure that the detergent you are using for your dishwasher is suitable for dishwashers, and is not just for hand dishwashing.

Replace Seals and Gaskets

One of the simplest repairs a homeowner can do on a leaky dishwasher is to replace faulty seals and gaskets. Damaged seals may be the cause of your dishwasher leak if your dishwasher is old or you can see visible damage on your dishwasher seals. You can purchase a new gasket from your dishwasher’s manufacturer or from a hardware store. To install a new gasket, it helps to first soak it in warm, soapy water beforehand to make it more pliable and easy to install.

Once the dishwasher power source is disconnected (this is very important!) the old gasket can be removed. Pry off the old gasket using a screwdriver and remove any screws holding it in place. Attach the new gasket by working it along the edge of the door and screwing it in place where necessary.

Drain Hoses and Pumpdishwasher-hose

If your dishwasher is leaking from the bottom and replacing the gasket has not solved the issue, you can open the bottom of the dishwasher to check the pump. Always ensure you disconnect the power and that the surrounding area is dry before doing this. Take the panel off the bottom of the dishwasher, and inspect the drain hose. If it is damaged or clearly leaking, it can easily be replaced with a new hose or hose clamp.

If the pump or inlet valves seem to be causing the issue, call your local plumber. It’s best to leave these repairs to a licensed plumber for safety and quality.

Overfilling and Other Leaks During the Cycle

A dishwasher overfilling and leaking can be caused by a broken float switch. The float switch normally sends a signal to the inlet valve to shut off once the dishwasher has filled. However, if this fails, the dishwasher overfills and causes leaks. A broken spray arm can also cause leaks by spraying water in the wrong direction.

Float switches and spray arms can easily be replaced using a screwdriver, provided that you can source the parts from your dishwasher manufacturer or local hardware store.

By taking care and applying some DIY know-how, you can repair some common causes of dishwasher leaks at home. Keep the contact of your local plumber close by in case you need assistance, and always give a professional plumber a call for complicated or difficult repairs.