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How To Fix A Blocked Drain

A blocked drain can cause a wide variety of plumbing issues in your home plumbing system, including slow drainage and complete sewage backup. Searching your options on the internet will produce several plumbing service options for unclogging a blocked drain. The results you will find though, will not tell you which options will be effective and are actually safe for your pipes, drains and plumbing.

Fixing a blocked drain in your home with do-it-yourself (DYI) methods and techniques can often lead to making plumbing issue worse. Here we look at the options you have when facing a blocked drain and how you can safely and effectively unclog your drain.

For Slightly Blocked Drains

Drains that have an unpleasant odor or are draining slowly may be fixed by a gentle drain unblocking method. Several suggested DIY methods involve pouring boiling water down the drain to dislodge greasy deposits and unclog the pipes. Often, DYI methods lead to further physical damage to PVC pipes that can crack or break when exposed to boiling water. A better alternative to boiling water is to use warm water from a faucet to flush away minor blockages.

You can also try a combination of natural or gentle cleaning products to assist with loosening the build up in your drains. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar is a natural solution that helps to budge drain blockages. Adding some plain dish soap to hot tap water can be a good way to remove minor blockages and keep drains smelling fresh and clean.

It should be noted that these solutions should only be used for partial blockages, where water can still pass through the drain. Using the above methods for more serious blockages could lead to a serious sewage backup.

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For a Single, Total Blockage

Complete drain blockage requires the attention of an experienced plumbing professional. Improper use of drain snakes with DIY techniques can cause cosmetic and physical damage to plumbing fittings and plumbing fixtures and can destroy your plumbing. Calling a professional plumbing and rooter service will resolve your complete drain blockage while keeping your water pipes and plumbing safe and intact.

For Major Blockages

A serious drain blockage may appear as a clog in multiple drains or a major sewage backup throughout your home plumbing system. Clogs and major sewage backups call for immediate evaluation of a plumbing and rooter professional. Try to fix this kind of drain blockage on your own will result in more severe problems and even irreversible damage to your plumbing. Without prompt professional attention to major blockages, sewer repair or sewer replacement may be necessary.

Fixing a blocked drain can be complicated, regardless if you are dealing with a large or small blockage. Proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment of your plumbing issues can save you costly repair and frustration. Gentle methods done alone may seem to be the correct solution at the time, but be sure to contact a plumbing and rooter professional to ensure your plumbing stays intact.