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Taking every opportunity, you can around the house to conserve energy is essential to preserving this precious resource and saving on your energy bill. The household water heater can account for up to 12% of a family’s electricity bill, so conserving energy at the water heater is essential. One way to do this is with water heater blankets. But are water heater blankets effective and are they a worthwhile investment to make for your water heater? Here we look at the details.

No one wants to run out of hot water in the middle of the coldest winter months. To prevent this happening, it's essential to have your water heater expertly inspected before the winter starts. As winter is a popular time for water heater tune-ups, it's better to book sooner rather than later to get the service you need. Here are 6 things that should be checked on your water heater before winter starts.

 Most of the time, we don't put much thought into where a water heater will be installed. Conventional tank-style water heaters are often installed in the corner of the basement or a closet, while tankless style water heaters can be installed in the same location as a tank water heater would be, or closer to the point of use. Are there any places a water heater can't be installed? Here we look at the considerations to keep in mind when installing a water heater, and where you should avoid installing a water heater.