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We’ve all had that interaction before – the “is that normal?” exchange between you and someone else in the room, when you go to wash your dish in the kitchen sink, and it sounds like your water pipes have gotten punched in the stomach and are hitting an octane higher. Is that normal?  It’s a good question and depends on what is causing the sound.  To decide whether it’s a quick fix that you can take care of with that dusty toolbox in the garage or if you need to call professional, let’s go through the different scenarios.

Under most circumstances, your household plumbing and pipes work seamlessly. You may not notice your home’s plumbing until something goes wrong. More significant nuisances can be a leaking or burst pipe. However, the annoying nature of noisy pipes cannot be underestimated. Pipes that make noises even when not in use can keep you awake at night and disrupt your daily life. Learn more about the top three reasons you may be hearing noisy home pipes.