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7 Easy Plumbing Ideas To Give Your Home A Modern Look

While we often think of plumbing as the pipes that run unseen in the walls and under the home, the fixtures and plumbing features in your home can also help to give your interiors a modern look. Your plumber is your best resource for choosing and installing the best modern plumbing features for your home. Here we look at 7 easy ideas to make your plumbing more modern.


Shower heads and faucets are two of the easiest fittings to update in your bathroom or kitchen. Waterfall shower heads and faucets create a modern look with their unconventional rectangular shape, and the gentle flow of water they produce. Eliciting images of day spas with falling water like soft streams, waterfall fixtures add a touch of luxury to your plumbing as well as a modern look.

2. Multiple Shower Heads

Although it might take a bit of plumbing work, adding multiple shower heads to your shower, or high pressure jet shower heads, can create a modern and innovative shower experience. Multiple shower heads and jet fixtures create an invigorating and uplifting shower experience, allowing gentle aqua massage from every angle.

3. Sensor Activated Faucets

There’s nothing more modern than responsive, sensor activated faucets. Not only do they look and feel modern to use, by eliminating the need to touch the handle, you can also help prevent the spread of germs and make working in the kitchen easier. Sensor activated faucets are surprisingly easy to install, and are an easy update to make your kitchen or bathroom as modern as possible.

4. Technological Toilets

Modern upgrades to your plumbing can make your life easier and more comfortable in so many ways. Updates to toilet designs have ensured even this lowly bathroom feature looks modern and sophisticated. Toilets can also have the technology to clean you, or clean themselves more effectively. While toilets with integrated automatic bidet and drying features have been available for a while, newer toilets even have the ability to self-clean, emitting non-stick bowl cleaning fluid and featuring in-built UV-lights for antibacterial protection.

5. Standalone Tubs

Having a specialty item like a tub to relax in is a classic feature of a bathroom. But the return of stylish standalone tubs is the signature of the modern bathroom. Standalone tubs are often the ‘feature piece’ of the modern bathroom, adding a focal point in a clean modern bathroom space.

6. Above Counter or Floating Basin

While the pedestal and vanity basins can add a closed down, old-fashioned look to bathrooms, opening the space with above counter or floating basins is perfect for a more modern effect.

7. Detachable Spray Hose Kitchen Faucet

For applying pressure to stubborn baked-on grease, nothing’s better than a detachable spray hose kitchen faucet. This modern appliance also adds an up-to-date look to your kitchen sink.

Ask your local plumber for more advice and assistance with simple but effective ways to add the most modern look to your home plumbing.