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5 Ways To Prepare For Sewer Repair

No homeowner wants to go through the difficulty and inconvenience of having major work done on their plumbing or sewage, but sometimes it is just unavoidable. Your home’s sewer output is connected to the mains sewage line and they generally meet at the sidewalk or curb. However, the sewer that is on your property is your responsibility to care for and maintain. Dealing with underground pipes when conducting sewer line repair and replacement can be costly and difficult, so it’s worthwhile being prepared and finding out what’s in store for your sewer replacement or repair before work begins.

  1. Find Out If Trenchless Technology is an Option

Conventional sewer repair or replacement usually requires excavation which is difficult, expensive and will leave your yard a complete mess. Trenchless sewer repair and trenchless sewer replacement allow underground pipe repair or replacement to be done without the need for excavation, which saves time, money and your beautiful landscaping design. Seek a qualified plumber who offers trenchless technology to assess your situation and see if trenchless sewer repair could be an option for you.

  1. Choose the Right Plumber

Sewer repair or replacement is a huge job which requires the expert skills of a qualified and experienced plumber. Choosing the right plumber can be difficult, but finding a plumber who offers the services you need and is willing to discuss your situation is a good start. For guarantees based on other users’ experience, choose a Diamond Certified plumber or a plumber who has a number of good reviews from past clients.

  1. Understand That Your Water and Sewer Supply Will Be Temporarily Shut Off

During sewer work, the plumber will need to shut off your potable (usable) water supply and your sewer, so you may not have access to your plumbing for a while. It may be beneficial to stay at a neighbor or friend’s house while work is being done at your home.

  1. Figure Out How To Deal With Clean Up

Sewer excavation can be extremely messy and leave your yard as little more than a pile of rubble. This is why trenchless sewer repair and trenchless sewer replacement are such excellent options. However, if excavation is unavoidable, you will need to figure out how to deal with the aftermath for yourself. You may wish to hire a landscaper to return your garden to its prior condition, or enquire with your plumbing company as to the best clean up options.

  1. Learn How To Prevent Issues

After going through the difficulty and cost of sewer repair and replacement, you will probably be very interested in how to avoid the situation arising again. Your plumber can give you a number of tips, such as things that you shouldn’t flush down the toilet, avoiding tree root growth near underground pipes and being aware of areas that need repiping early. Plumbing work is also often covered by a warranty, so you can find out how long your sewer repair or replacement is covered for.

With these tips you can properly prepare for sewer replacement and repair on your property, and decide on the best options to achieve the ideal outcome for you and your home.