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5 Signs Youre Going to Need Water Heater Repair Really Soon

5 Signs You’re Going to Need Water Heater Repair Really Soon!

Your water heater is a valuable investment–you rely on it for various important tasks. Unfortunately, most of us only realize something is wrong with the water heater when we get nothing but cold water from the tap. The good news is that it doesn’t have to go that far, so long as you’re aware of the clues that point to a damaged heater.

Check out these five signs you need to look for if you think something isn’t quite right with your heating unit:


This problem is characterized by a sudden switch from hot to cold and back again. Although this problem can be caused by different factors, it is usually the result of a dip tube problem. A broken or cracked dip tube can lead to cold water leaking into the hot water. Have a professional check your heater to see if a part needs to be repaired or replaced.

Failure to Heat Water

When you need to energize yourself for the day or need to relax, nothing beats a hot shower. However, if your water heater stops working properly, you may be forced to take a freezing cold shower instead. This problem can be easily solved by adjusting the thermostat. If that does not work, there may be a bigger problem that should be checked by an expert.


5 Signs Youre Going to Need Water Heater Repair Really Soon1Have you noticed water leaking out of your water heater? If yes, you may need to call for repairs immediately. While you may think a small leak would not be a cause for concern, it may eventually grow – and that depends on where it’s located.

In any case, ignoring a tiny leak can cause massive problems in an instant. Your storage tank can rupture at any given time. In such cases, there’s usually very little to do aside from replacing the system entirely. That’s a very expensive problem you wouldn’t want to deal with.

Read this to find out the common causes of water heater leaks and how they’re repaired!


Another indication of a failing water heater is rust. Once you see corrosion in or around your water heater, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong with your unit. You may be dealing with a more serious problem if the rust gets in contact with the water.

Take note that the problem may be caused by the pipes instead of the heater itself so it’s best to get advice from a trusted professional plumber.

Unusual Noise

It’s normal for home appliances like the water heater to make a little noise. However, if you hear strange sounds such as popping, banging, hissing, or cracking, it’s time to call a technician. Those sounds may be a result of mineral build-up that caused the unit to overheat as it works hard to heat the water.

Have you seen any of these signs in your heating unit? Then you probably need to schedule a water heater repair service in your home ASAP. Whether you have a traditional or tankless water heater, it’s important to keep an eye out for the above signs to make sure your unit continues to perform optimally. Getting a water heater repair service also keeps any problem from getting worse so you can save a lot of money in the long run.