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5 Signs That it’s Time to Repipe your Home

Repiping your home can be a significant investment, but it can also add substantial value to your home. Your system may be telling you it’s time to repipe your home for greater economy, efficiency, and plumbing performance. Below are five signs to look out for when it’s time to repipe your home.


If you’ve noticed your water pressure going up and down, strong and slow, your pipes could be to blame. Is your water pressure as strong as it used to be? Water pressure fluctuating while you’re using the faucets or shower? These changes can be caused by worn out and faulty pipes, and repiping could correct the issues.

Leaks, Dampness or Flooding

Leaks and water around the house are a sure sign that your home needs repiping. Flooding can be a more extreme sign that your pipes have failed. Even small leaks can create damp environments that foster mold and pests. If you’ve noticed any dampness, puddles or signs of leaks, your system is due for repiping.

Change In Water Condition

Is water suddenly changing color, taste, or smell? These can be signs of pipe corrosion, pipe damage or deterioration. At this point, repiping is usually necessary to restore the condition of your plumbing and the quality of your water.

Water Temperature Difficult to Change

Strong temperature fluctuations or pipes taking a long time to deliver hot water can be another sign of pipe failure. If the water temperature is hard to change or reacts wildly to even small turns of the faucet, repiping might provide the ideal solution.

Noisy Pipes

Pipes that bang, vibrate or whine can not only cause a disturbance; they might indicate the need to repipe as well. These noises can indicate pipe damage, air access, loose brackets, and connections, or leaks. Repiping can correct these issues and return your plumbing to normal noise levels.

If you experience any of the above issues or any other problems with your pipes, you first point of call to investigate this should be a professional plumber. Your local plumber can help you get to the bottom of your plumbing issues and provide the most efficient and high performance repiping for your home.