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5 Reasons You Should Choose A Diamond Certified Plumber

When it comes to choosing the best service companies in your local area, keeping an eye out for the Diamond Certified logo is a good way to quickly pinpoint the leaders in terms of service, quality and customer satisfaction.

But what does Diamond Certification actually mean and why is it a good thing that your plumber is Diamond Certified? The Diamond Certification process is about identifying the highest performing companies in a local area according to an objective process of evaluating customer satisfaction and the quality of services they provide. It’s an exclusive accreditation that not all professional companies receive, and only the best can maintain. Diamond Certification is a sign of a company’s commitment to quality and helps you to know you’re in safe hands with an experienced and skilled provider.

Here we look at why you should choose only a Diamond Certified plumber for your next plumbing project.

Diamond Certification Indicates Customer Satisfaction

The Diamond Certification is awarded based on responses from real life customers who are contacted at random to provide feedback on the plumbing company. Because the information is collected objectively and professionally evaluated, you know the Diamond Certification is reliable.

Unfortunately, these days many plumbing companies simply buy positive reviews online or influence friends and family to endorse their business, without the objective opinion of real life customers. When you choose a Diamond Certified plumber, you know that their actual customers have objectively rated them as ‘the best of the best’.

Strict Quality Guidelines

The Diamond Certification procedures requires plumbers to adhere to strict quality guidelines in order to maintain their certified status. Plumbers must score 90+ on a 100 point scale of quality standards – one of the most stringent qualifications in the Bay Area. Needless to say, most companies don’t qualify.

While many companies operate without endorsement, or in some cases, even without licenses, with a Diamond Certified plumber you know you are getting the quality of service and expertise that only the most experienced plumbers have.

Ongoing Maintenance of Service and Quality

Achieving Diamond Certified status is not just a one off – it requires ongoing commitment and upkeep to maintain the certification. Ongoing research is conducted into the customer satisfaction of Diamond Certified plumbers, so you know they are never just sitting on their reputation.

Find A Local Professional

Whether you have a burst pipe in Pleasanton, or a gas leak in Danville, chances are you need help from a local professional – fast! Diamond Certified keeps an up to date database of plumbing professionals in your local area who you can trust and rely on for a large project or a small fix up, ensuring you always have someone to call for a last minute emergency.

Performance Guarantee

Diamond Certified companies also offer a performance guarantee, which means that you can have the confidence that work done by a Diamond Certified Plumber is guaranteed to last. Diamond Certified plumbers often also provide warranties on their work, as well as insurance and proper licensing, so you know you’re in safe hands with qualified plumbers who can provide the highest quality service in your area.

For your next plumbing project, choose a Diamond Certified plumber to receive the utmost in service and quality that you can completely rely on.