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Plumber conducts a trenchless sewer repair in San Ramon, CA

5 Reasons to Call a Pro for Your Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repair is the ideal solution for cost-effective and non-invasive underground sewer repairs, allowing qualified plumbers to diagnose and correct issues without messy excavation. The work is fast, efficient, and hassle-free, making it one of the most popular sewer repair options. But trenchless repairs are not necessarily an easy job despite them being generally easier than repairing sewer pipes underground. Here we look at 5 reasons it’s difficult to DIY a trenchless sewer repair or replacement.

Specific Equipment

Trenchless sewer repair and replacement are difficult to do yourself because it requires unique and specialized equipment. Trenchless inspections require telescopic cameras and the repair equipment needs to be used with only the camera as a guide. Firstly, acquiring this specific equipment is an expense most DIYers don’t want to take on. Additionally, inexperienced use of trenchless plumbing equipment can also cause more damage than good.

Skill and Expertise

The diagnosis and correction of sewer problems without excavation are specific skills that take years of experience to develop. Novice DIYers may think they know what they are doing but fixing an underground sewer pipe you can’t see is a real challenge. The specific skills and expertise that a qualified plumber has acquired are essential for accomplishing a trenchless repair.

Feet Of Plumber Standing On Trench He's Digging In Pleasanton, CA Garden


Years of experience and on the job training have prepared qualified plumbers for any scenario. DIY plumbers may not be able to recognize the difference between a sewer problem that can be solved with trenchless technology and one that requires excavation. Even small mistakes with sewers can end up becoming costly problems. While trenchless technology is revolutionary, it can’t solve every problem and a qualified plumber is best poised to know the difference.

Plumbing and Utilities Knowledge

Even though trenchless sewer repairs are, by definition, done underground, the operator should have a thorough understanding of utility lines that are close to the sewer. Trenchless pipe bursting or lining can damage surrounding utilities if not done correctly. This can affect nearby gas, water, and electricity lines as well as the sewer main, leading to outages and potentially dangerous situations for the homeowner and their neighbors. Mistakes with trenchless technology can also rapidly turn into plumbing emergencies. Having the skill and experience to quickly recognize and manage plumbing problems is essential when conducting trenchless sewer repair.

Codes and Permits

While trenchless sewer repair doesn’t require excavation, permits are still required for pipe bursting and lining, the two most common techniques used in trenchless plumbing. Most DIY plumbers do not have the required permits and lack necessary training, skills, and insurance as well. Unlicensed and unpermitted plumbing work puts you at risk for costly errors and the need to redo the work with a licensed plumber later on.

Because of the specialized and precise nature of the work and the potential risks, it’s best to have a professional, experienced plumber handle your trenchless sewer repair. If you suspect that trenchless repair may be in your near future, contact Advanced Plumbing and Rooter for professional diagnosis and a recommendation for the right sewer solution for you.