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5 Factors You Need To Consider When Choosing A New Water Heater

Whether your old hot water system has stopped working or you’re simply ready to upgrade to a newer and more efficient model, choosing a new hot water system nowadays can involve a whole host of different options. While your local plumber can help you decide on the system that’s right for you as well as properly install your system, it helps to keep in mind the following 5 points when choosing your new water heater.


The first factor you need to decide upon is what type of water heater will suit your needs, your family, and your home. In terms of fuel, most modern water heaters use electricity, gas or solar power, although there are other options. As for system types, the most popular are storage tank water heaters, tankless or instant systems and heat pump systems. The ideal system for you is one that not only provides enough hot water, but does so in an energy efficient and cost-effective manner. To choose the right system for you, you may need to talk to your local plumber as well as research your options to see which type of water heater suits your needs best. Some of the following points may also help you decide.

Check Energy Factor

The energy factor (EF) is a rating that tells you how efficient a water heater is. The higher the rating the more efficient the unit. Electric tankless water heaters have one of the highest EF ratings, whereas conventional water heaters have one of the lowest. The EF rating can be a useful factor in helping you decide between water heater models.


If you are choosing a system that uses a tank, you want to consider what the capacity of the water heater tank is, and whether it’s appropriate for your needs. There’s nothing worse than having a tank that’s too small and running out of hot water by the end of the day. Of course, if you choose a tankless hot water system you won’t run out of water, but you might not be able to run the shower and the dishwasher at the same time. Talk to your local plumber about your hot water usage and which system will best suit how you use hot water in the home.

First Hour Recovery or Flow Rate

The first hour recovery rate refers to how much hot water you’ll get in the first hour of running your faucet. Similarly, the flow rate indicates how quickly a tankless hot water system can heat your ground water. In cooler climates this rate will decrease. Talking with a water heater expert or plumber about the details of each system and how you use hot water will help you determine which rating you need for your system.


In addition to the ratings and specifications of your new hot water heater, there may be other features for your system you wish to consider. These include the addition of warranties for components, materials and workmanship, anti-scale devices to prevent buildup of mineral deposits inside the heater, high quality materials and parts, and digital displays. While these added features may vary the price for your hot water system, many homeowners find a lot of value in features such as longer warrantees and high quality craftsmanship and materials in their water heater.
While choosing the right water heater for your home depends on the unique needs and requirements of your home and family, by considering these five factors, you can begin to determine which water heater is right for you. Call your local plumber to get you detailed and specific advice, and to assist you with the safe and correct installation of your new water heater.