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5 Details That Differentiate a Professional Local Plumber from an Amateur

5 Details That Differentiate a Professional Local Plumber from an Amateur

We all rely on modern plumbing for our day-to-day activities. If you believe otherwise, think of the last time you had a plumbing emergency at home or work. How long does it take before you start panicking over the loss of water or hot water?

The point is, plumbing is important. If something goes wrong, you’d want a trained local plumber to fix your problem right away. Unfortunately, some people feel they can handle their own plumbing repair. Meanwhile, there are others who also want to give plumbing a try once a problem arises.

There are many reasons why you should leave the job to the pros, who definitely have the experience and training to handle all kinds of plumbing issues. But how do you know you’re not dealing with an amateur? Below are 5 details that set a professional local plumber apart from amateurs.


This factor is related to training. A licensed plumber can take on different kinds of plumbing jobs. They can do everything from simple leak repairs to re-piping an entire house. Because they know how to handle many tasks, they can use their knowledge to quickly identify the problem and pinpoint the best course of action.

2. Tools and Equipment

Many tools you see at big box stores definitely look nifty. Most of the time, local plumbers use the same tools for repairs. But that doesn’t mean anyone can handle plumbing tasks as long as they have those tools. Licensed pros actually have special equipment that’s very expensive and isn’t easily available at the consumer level. A local plumber also has the expertise and knowledge on how to use them the right way.

3. License and Training

5 Details That Differentiate a Professional Local Plumber from an Amateur1Plumbing is a serious vocation that requires years of training to be fully skilled at it. Anyone who wants to be a local plumber needs to have a state contractor’s license to be classified as a professional. Amateurs don’t have proof of licensing and the right training to perform even the simplest of plumbing tasks, which makes hiring them risky.

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4. Permanent Results

Amateurs usually look for a quick fix but professional plumbers offer solutions that will last for years. For instance, a local plumber will not just unclog your sink but also use drain cleaning equipment to ensure the clog won’t happen again.

5. Emergency Services

In some plumbing problems, fast action is needed. DIY or amateur plumbers can’t move fast enough to have your issues fixed in time. Although not all local plumbers offer 24-hour emergency services, some of them do. You don’t have to worry about unexpected problems as long as you get services from a trusted local plumber.

Plumbing problems can be unnerving. You obviously want them fixed ASAP, and hiring an expert is the best option if you want peace of mind. You can always be sure that your local plumber will handle all issues properly and safely.

Getting help from just anyone can lead to bigger problems. With a certified local plumber, you can rest assured that should anything happen, they have an insurer who will shoulder all the damage and repair/replacement expenses.