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benefits of copper piping in your home

5 Benefits of Using Copper Piping in Your Home

When it comes to plumbing and gas piping, one of the most common choices for pipe material is copper. Copper piping provides a number of benefits that make it the piping of choice for both professional plumbers and homeowners. Most plumbers will recommend copper repiping if other materials have been previously used. If you are building a new home or remodeling a home, copper pipes are also ideal for your new construction. Here we look at 5 of the benefits of using copper pipes for your piping repairs and new installations.




Galvanized steel pipes eventually erode and leak, while PVC pipes are brittle and can easily break or crack if mishandled or placed under extreme conditions. Copper pipes are naturally corrosion resistant, and copper is one of the most durable piping materials available. Copper can corrode if exposed to high acid water, so it’s important to discuss the nature of your local water supply with a certified plumber when your pipes are installed.

Incredibly Durable

Copper is incredibly durable, handling pressures of up to 1000 psi and freezing and boiling temperatures with no issue. Copper piping has been the favored material for pipes for over 70 years. Today, 80% of new construction uses copper piping! If you are thinking of repiping your home and want a longer lasting solution, copper pipes are reliable and durable long term.


Flexible and Lightweight

Copper pipes are one of the easiest types of pipe to work with as they are both lightweight and flexible. Plumbers prefer copper piping because of it’s versatility and ease of application. Copper piping can stretch over large distances without supports because of it’s strong, supple and lightweight nature. Copper fittings make neat, strong and leak-proof joins, and copper piping fits into almost any space and in any shape.

Better Value

Because copper piping lasts for decades and it requires less replacements, repairs and maintenance, copper piping provides the best value. While it is a greater investment to use copper pipes over lower quality materials, the returns are obvious. Copper piping is easier to work with, saving on labor costs. Copper is more durable, lasting for decades without the need for maintenance or repair. Overall, copper piping provides top quality and the best performance for your repiping investment.

Environmentally Friendly

copper piping is environmentally friendly for various reasons

Unlike plastic pipes, which don’t break down over time and require large emissions for their manufacture, copper pipes are made from a natural metal. Copper is also recyclable, and because copper pipes are so strong and durable, they require less replacement, and therefore create less waste.


Copper is the material of choice for piping, whether you are repiping an existing home, fitting pipes for a new construction, or adding pipes for a remodel. With the expert advice of an experienced and certified plumber, you can determine whether copper repiping is right for your home and what benefits it may bring in both the short and the long term. Contact your local licensed plumber to discuss the benefits of copper repiping today.