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how trenchless sewer repair saves you time and money

4 Ways Trenchless Sewer Repair Saves You Time And Money

Main sewer line issues are some of the worst plumbing problems homeowners face. Not only are sewer issues often difficult to detect and diagnose, fixing sewer issues requires lots of time and often high costs. Blockages and pipe damage to the sewer lines that are on a homeowner’s property happen. However, they are often the responsibility of the homeowner to fix. Fortunately, trenchless sewer repair and replacement technology makes diagnosing and repairing sewer issues much easier. Here we look at 4 ways trenchless sewer replacement and repair save you precious time and money.

trenchless sewer diagnostics are fast and accurateDiagnostics Are Fast and Accurate

When a sewer main pipe is clogged, burst or invaded by tree roots, not only does the damage have to be repaired, but it has to be found first. However, with sewer pipes being placed deep underground, this can present a challenge. Trenchless technology allows for camera inspections and pipe diagnostics that don’t require excavation. This saves an incredible amount of time, money and hassle. With trenchless technology you can quickly pinpoint and diagnose the problem, and find the right solution sooner.

You Don’t Have To Dig

One of the greatest advantages of trenchless sewer diagnostics and repairs is that they don’t require excavation. Because sewer pipes are located underground, accessing these pipes to perform replacement and repair usually requires excavation. Excavation is messy, expensive and inconvenient, requiring you to dig up your landscaping or driveway. This can potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars!

Avoiding excavation is a clear benefit of trenchless sewer technology that saves you the time and cost.

The Repair Process Is Faster

Trenchless sewer repairs and replacements can take significantly less time to be completed than traditional sewer work. This form of sewer replacement uses cutting edge technology and advanced techniques to rapidly replace or repair damaged, burst or cracked sewer pipes. Trenchless sewer repair and replacement is also high quality, with the work guaranteed to last for up to 50 years. With rapid completion of sewer repair and replacement, trenchless technology means you get your sewer functioning properly again in less time.

You Don’t Have to Re-Landscape or Rebuild

Returning your home back to normal after excavation is difficult. Sewer repair that involves excavation has the potential to completely destroy your front yard or driveway. You will need to landscape your front yard and replant trees and shrubs, while also potentially rebuilding your driveway or other structures in front of your home.


Due to the lengthy and difficult rebuilding process, choosing trenchless sewer repair is the easier, and more time and cost effective option for speedy, efficient and clean sewer repair.


If you’re facing sewer problems, call your local plumber as soon as possible to discuss how trenchless sewer repair or replacement can save you time and money over excavation.