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what NOT to flush down your toilet

4 Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet!

While in the bathroom, it’s so easy to simply flush anything we’re using down the toilet as a quick way to dispose of it. However, there are a number of things that should never be flushed down the toilet, unless you want to end up with a blockage and an urgent need for a plumber and rooter service. But some things seem to flush down the toilet without any trouble, while others cause blockages, pipe damage and expense, along with inconvenience. Here we look at 4 things you should never flush down the toilet along with a guide of what’s safe to flush.

‘Flushable’ Moist Towelette Wipes

The irony of these bathroom wipes that are marketed as an easy to use and disposable way to clean up, is that they are not actually flushable, despite being labeled as such. Huge clogs have been discovered that are caused by these so called ‘flushable’ wipes, proving they don’t really disintegrate as they should when flushed. Some of the manufacturers of these wipes are even being sued for false advertising, as these wipes have clogged and blocked up mains plumbing pipes, costing the city thousands if not millions of dollars for rooter service and repiping.

If you want to use wipes in the bathroom, it’s safer to dispose of them in the bin rather than flushing and risking a toilet blockage.

Dental Floss

While it’s small enough to seem harmless, and so easy to simply drop in the toilet when you’re done, dental floss can actually buildup over time and cause major problems for your plumbing. Just like excess hair, floss can catch and bind with other waste products in the pipes and contribute to clogs that can quickly grow out of control. Dental floss won’t break down in the environment, so it also simply contributes to landfill and waste.

When using floss, safely dispose of it in the bin, and avoid flushing.

Cotton Swabs and Paper Towels

While these products look similar to toilet paper, and it seems like they will break down in the system, the fibers in cotton balls, cotton swabs and paper towels are not designed to disintegrate in water like toilet paper is. Flushing paper towels and cotton products can cause big plumbing issues as these products build up in the pipes and can eventually clog your system.

While it’s better to use cloth napkins or rags that can be washed and reused, if you must use paper towel or cotton balls, throw them in the trash rather than down the toilet.

Kitty Litter

It’s understandable that some would think that kitty ‘waste’ can go in the toilet, just as ours does, but in fact cat litter can cause major problems for plumbing. Kitty litter contains sand and clay, which should never be put down a toilet as they can collect in the pipes causing damage and the need for costly plumbing repairs. If you want to avoid the need for rooter service or repiping, it’s best to put kitty waste and litter in the trash where it belongs.

In general, the only thing that should be flushed down the toilet, is your ‘business’ and toilet paper. Avoid flushing any other waste or materials down the toilet, and if you have questions about whether to flush or not to flush, call your local plumber and rooter.