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4 Essential Facts You Need To Know About Trenchless Technology

Trenchless technology promises to revolutionize the plumbing industry by providing a more efficient and economical way to restore and repair underground utilities likes pipes and plumbing, without the need for excavation. When underground pipes get clogged, it can often require expensive and difficult excavation to repair the issues. Trenchless sewer repair offers a much more streamlined and resourceful way to get your essential plumbing tasks done and here’s why.


Because trenchless sewer installation does not require excavation, and subsequent trenchless sewer replacement will also not require excavation, trenchless sewers require less financial investment for installation and repair. Not having to excavate means that you need less manpower, resources and time to install and repair sewage systems, and this saves money.

Because it takes less work to implement and upkeep a trenchless system, the plumber saves money during their work, and these savings are passed on to you, the customer.

Trenchless Technology Saves You Time

When you don’t have to dig trenches or perform extensive excavation to install and repair plumbing it also saves you time. Large scale excavation of certain sewage systems can be extremely complicated and in some cases simply impossible. If a trench needs to be dug it can take days or even weeks to complete the work and repair the excavation area to its original state.

Trenchless technology allows the digging of trenches to be bypassed, meaning that pipe repair, burst pipes and corroded pipes can often be corrected with trenchless sewer repair in less than a day. Shortening the repair time on these projects means you get the functionality of your system back in less time and with less inconvenience.

Trenchless Technology Saves Resources

Digging trenches requires an enormous amount of manpower, machinery, fuel and other resources in order to fully and effectively excavate the area and replace or repair the plumbing as necessary. This creates a great cost not only to you, but to the environment overall, as these resources may be spent unnecessarily, particularly if trenchless sewer replacement is an option.

Trenchless technology provides a saving in fuel and energy for plumbing companies as trench digging is not required. When we choose trenchless repair, there is less impact on the environment, a lower consumption of valuable resources and a more efficient, greener solution for you.

Trenchless Technology Conserves Your Environment

While trenchless repair conserves the environment in a wider context by using less polluting fuel, time and equipment, it also helps to conserve your environment in the context of your own home and yard, by avoiding the tearing up of the earth to make way for the trenches. Most homeowners would prefer to avoid having to tear up vegetation, trees and grass, or even having to risk damage to their buildings.

Trenchless sewer installation and repair is minimally invasive and disturbing to your home and the environment around you, so you can safely preserve your home while getting the repairs you need done, with less disruption and a shorter repair time.

While having major plumbing issues might seem like a major disaster, don’t panic until you’ve spoken to a professional plumber who provides trenchless repair and installation. Trenchless technology is the best plumbing solution to save you time and money while creating less environmental impact and maintaining your home in a beautiful state.