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4 Common Sewer Problems that a Sewer Camera Inspection Can Help Fix

Sewer problems can be frustrating. Not only can they cost you a lot to fix, but it’s almost impossible to see what’s causing the problem and how it can be fixed. Because the problem is out of sight, less trustworthy plumbers could even try to hoodwink you into believing (and paying for) an issue you may not have.

Sewer camera inspections change all that by giving you a chance to see what’s causing a problem in your sewer so you can apply the right fix.

Clogged Pipes

A clogged pipe is the most common type of sewer problem homeowner’s encounter. While it might seem simple enough just to snake the clog, this often doesn’t  fix the problem, merely punching a hole in the blockage rather than removing it.

More importantly, it’s essential to learn what caused your clog so you can avoid this situation occurring again. Sewer camera inspections can allow you to see a clog for yourself, to understand what caused it, and how it can be further prevented. With a sewer line camera inspection, your plumber can apply the best solution for your clogged pipe, whether it’s rooter service or hydro jetting, to shift the blockage while protecting your pipes from damage.

Tree Roots

Another common problem is tree roots, which seek water and can grow into underground pipes, causing disruptions to your plumbing service. Without being able to see what’s causing the problem, costly excavation and pipe repair may be required to find the tree roots and remove them.

Because it’s small and flexible, a sewer line camera can be snaked into your sewer system so you can see exactly where the tree roots are infiltrating your pipes. This means your plumber can diagnose the issue with accuracy without needing to dig up your lawn.

Broken or Collapsed Sewer Pipes

Sometimes a blocked sewer is a sign of something more serious than tree roots or a clog. The issue here is that without knowing the pipe that has collapsed or broken, your plumber could send a snake down the line causing even more damage.

A video sewer inspection allows you to see exactly what’s going on under the surface, so you don’t take risks with your pipe. Sewer line replacement or repair can be expensive too, so you’re going to want to get a visual on the damage before you decide to conduct your repair.

Enlarged, Leaking or Old Pipes

An old pipe has burst in winter, and water squirts out with lots of splashesWhen pipes descend, they become ‘bellied’; allowing dirt and debris to gather. When the seals between the pipes are loosened, they can leak wasting water or spread sewage from your pipes. Older pipes and sewer lines are made from metals which degrade and corrode, setting you up for further pipe issues if you don’t address the problem.

Sewer camera inspections can allow you and your plumber to pinpoint and diagnose the issue in your sewer pipes with accuracy so that you can apply the most cost-effective and functional fix.

The technology that allows a tiny, high-quality camera snaked into your sewer has the potential to save you hundreds of sewer repairs. This allows you to understand your issue and discover damage that might otherwise go unresolved. Ask for a camera inspection whenever you have issues with your sewer line before you shell out thousands for excavation and sewer repair.


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