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4 Benefits Hydro-Jet Cleaning Offers for Your Pipes and Drains

Hydro-jet cleaning is an innovative new cleaning method that allows plumbers to thoroughly clean pipes and drains and clear away clogs and blockages completely. While rooter service or a plumbing snake is often used to clear out clogs and blockages, these tools often leave just a hole in the clog without fully clearing away the debris and other surrounding pipe build-up. Hydro-jetting is a total pipe cleaning solution that achieves outstanding and thorough results to clear away not only problem blockages, but also surrounding debris, grease, and mineral build up as well. Here we look at 4 benefits that hydro-jetting offers your plumbing and pipes both in the short- and long-term.


Hydro-jetting service is extremely efficient and is accompanied by a camera sewer inspection both before and after service. This ensures that the hydro-jetting service is fast and effective, going straight to the source of the clog, and removing any significant surrounding build up. The post hydro-jet service camera inspection ensures that all traces of the blockage have been removed and that your pipes are left clean and unobstructed.

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Complete Cleaning, Not Just Unclogging

While drain snakes are a popular choice for clog removal, often they only punch a hole in the clog to restore the flow, rather than really solving the underlying issue. Drain snakes and plungers just target the problematic clog in your pipes, but what you can’t see is the build-up of grease, minerals, hair, waste, and bacteria that lines the pipes. Hydro-jet cleaning uses a special hose and cleaning head that delivers pressures of 7,000 PSI and up to 60,000 PSI to your pipes. This blasts away any traces of the broken up blockage in your pipes and thoroughly cleans your plumbing to remove bacteria, grease, silt, dirt, and mineral deposits – even tree roots, for better plumbing function into the future.

Greater Hygiene and Safety

Unclean drains and pipes don’t just cause issues with blockages, they can also create hygiene issues for your home. Partially clogged drains that are covered with waste build-up and bacteria can create foul smells that travel out of your drains and into your home. Plumbing blockages that aren’t completely removed and pipes that aren’t fully cleaned can lead to recurrent blockages. This can lead to unexpected sewage backflows that are costly and troublesome to clean up and can spread disease causing bacteria throughout your home. With a single service that dislodges blockages and cleans your pipes, hydro-jetting is the ideal solution for greater home hygiene and safety.

Longer Lasting Results

Because hydro-jet cleaning is so powerful and efficient, the results of a blockage or tree root removal by hydro-jet last up to four times longer than traditional methods of treating blocked pipes. While normal drain cleaning may need to be done as frequently as twice a year, the effects of hydro-jetting can last for several years. This can help to minimize plumbing repair and maintenance costs over the long term and reduces the need for expensive plumbing interventions, like sewer line repair or replacement. And while other drain cleaning methods often use harsh and dangerous chemicals, hydro-jetting is an environmentally-friendly way to clear blocked pipes. Because hydro-jetting only uses pure water at a high pressure for an outstanding clean, hydro-jet cleaning is safer for your pipes and the environment.

As a time- and cost-efficient drain cleaning option, hydro-jetting produces a better clean for your pipes and more effective blockage removal, all with healthier long-term results for your home and the environment.