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3 DIY Repairs You Should NEVER Try According to Local Plumbers

3 DIY Repairs You Should NEVER Try According to Local Plumbers

Even the smallest leak at home can lead to thousands of dollars’ worth of damage if it’s not fixed in time. For capable DIYers, you can probably manage minor plumbing repairs such as replacing a faucet or shower head.

However, you might run into problems if you try to modify a plumbing system with the help of local plumbers in Mountain House. That’s because this could include rerouting sewer pipes or extending hot water lines, and other more complicated tasks. Dealing with hot water means you will be working with copper pipes that require a blowtorch.

Unless you are an expert, it’s always best to leave the job to the pros – whatever that job is. Although plumbing is not as dangerous as electric work, plumbing problems can get out of hand really fast–resulting in a wet and expensive future.

Here are some of the most common DIY plumbing repairs you should never try:


Instead of calling local plumbers in Mountain House, CA, many homeowners take apart their plumbing when a problem arises. Most of them eventually discover that they have no idea how to put everything back correctly. At that point, they are left with no choice but to get help from a professional.

What’s even worse is that the repair job would have been inexpensive and very simple–if only the homeowner had gotten help from local plumbers instead of taking the DIY route. Calling a professional will save you the hassle, extra costs, and time that could be used for more important things.


3 DIY Repairs You Should NEVER Try According to Local Plumbers1Duct tape is one of the go-to items when it comes to home DIY repairs. Any handy person would agree that duct tape has a seemingly endless range of uses. You may even have a roll lying in your car trunk for possible emergencies.

While it has many applications, duct tape should never be used for plumbing leak repairs. It could actually make the problem worse, say several local plumbers in Mountain House. Leaving the water running without putting a proper seal on the pipe can damage your plumbing system, not to mention the walls, floors, and even furniture near the pipes.


So, you decide to buy a new pipe and fittings to replace the leaking ones at home. However, once you start your DIY plumbing repair, you find out that you purchased the wrong type of pipe. Because you don’t want the hassle of going back and buying another one, you’ll probably just settle for using the wrong item and try to make it work.

This is not a good idea. There are certain pipe materials that can only be used for specific projects or applications. Components and pipes used for plumbing are not the same as the ones created to carry gas or electrical wiring.

Another common DIY plumbing repair mistake, local plumbers say, is when you mismatch the kind of pipes you connect. For instance, connecting a galvanized metal pipe to a copper fitting can result in corrosion and damage.